Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Probably, the fashion for the original electronic gadgets will never leave us. Even if the new gadget is not frequently used applications, it may well be a fun toy for children and adults, or simply a stylish modern interior decoration.
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Pocket Printer Printeroid 1 (700x381, 124Kb)
Another interesting divays deposited large list of related gadgets for mobile devices from Apple. This time it is a docking station that allows you to print almost any image directly from iPads or iPhone.
Pocket Printer 5 (700x381, 89Kb)
Printeroid - a small pocket printer, fax machine, which is designed by Italian designers Giampaolo Skapilyati and Pierpaolo Lazzarini. With Printeroid can print photos, text message, online purchased tickets or coupons, any documents.
Printeroid charged ten-length and paper works by well-known brands of digital cameras Polaroid. Printed pocket printer, images may be in black and white and color. And color printouts will have the same bright colors, as well as on the display of the mobile gadget.
Pocket Printer Printeroid 7 (700x467, 209Kb)

Pocket Printer 6 (700x467, 190Kb)

3. 4. 5.
Pocket Printer Printeroid 4 (700x467, 215Kb)

Pocket Printer Printeroid 2 (700x467, 138Kb)

Pocket Printer Printeroid 3 (700x467, 133Kb)

Stylish modern gadgets combines many useful functions. Of course, not all of them the same opportunities and the demand is constantly used by the owner, but such a function as a music player is one of the most popular. Apple iBeats Phone - this is a new concept bright futuristic smartphone with built-in high quality audio player.
3185107_11 (112x13, 8Kb)If you are a romantic, the awe of the oldest plates and the special scale, which is characteristic only of vinyl. In Moscow, vintage audio equipment and Japanese Turntables can be purchased online retro sound. This ancient technique to complement your interior and give a unique sound of old records.
smartphone and music player Apple iBeats Phone 1 (700x525, 176Kb)
The design of the gadget is completely different from all the existing options and is a small divays teardrop. This is characteristic of the kind of ergonomic computer mouse, so, of course, the smartphone will lie perfectly in the hand. Combining the two venerable brand stylish toy will appeal to all lovers of modern multifunctional gadgets and, of course, the audience.
smartphone and music player Apple iBeats Phone 2 (700x525, 185Kb)
Apple iBeats Phone has a full set of functions required for the smartphone. It contains both a touch screen and the camera, and the ability to connect to other gadgets, and several high-quality speaker allows you to listen to your favorite music in the best quality. That is the sound quality is the main advantage of the original concept of the smartphone. According to the developers, for its sound capabilities Apple iBeats Phone will be able to competently compete with powerful modern audio systems.
smartphone and music player Apple iBeats Phone 3 (700x525, 220Kb)

smartphone and music player Apple iBeats Phone 4 (700x525, 177Kb)