Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Advantages of having a Bluetooth Wireless Headset

In today’s busy world everyone tries to fit 24 hours of life into an 8 hour day, we are so busy with jobs, spouses, deadlines and commitments. In this busy world we answer the Question, What are the advantages of having a Bluetooth wireless headset?

So, what are the advantages of having a Bluetooth wireless headset you ask?

Well the First and best advantage of a Bluetooth wireless Headset is that both of your hands are free to be of use to you at all times. Have you ever seen a person with a broken arm or no arm at all? Why limit yourself to only having one hand free as you go about your business? Think about this because this is exactly what you are doing when you talk on your cell phone without a Bluetooth wireless headset.

The second advantage of having a Bluetooth wireless headset is when you do any activity your focus is more on that activity than keeping your phone glued to your ear.

Another advantage of a Bluetooth wireless headset which is my favorite is that when you are making business (or personal) calls you are free to roam around the house or office to be more productive, if your are calling somewhere that puts you on hold (for the next available agent) without a Bluetooth you tend to sit around waiting for a extended period of time, being unproductive, but try this with a Bluetooth wireless headset. When I am at home trying to take of business I don’t just sit around on hold, now I will do whatever I can, the trash, clean, laundry, unload the dishwasher or anything else that needs to be done while I am on hold. This makes me extremely more productive in life and I never have much time so I am grateful when I can save a little, you should try this too.

The fourth advantage I can think of in owning a Bluetooth wireless headset is I seem to be more apt to call my family (sometimes I don’t know if this is good or bad) but overall this is a good thing my parents are getting older and I need to check in with them more often. I can usually accomplish this while still going about my daily business.

Another use for a Bluetooth wireless headset is, while driving it keeps your hands on the wheel and not plastered to your ear, personally I DO NOT recommend this except in emergencies, but I know many people are going to do this so at least it is safer than having one hand on the wheel, this is where my wife makes all of her phone calls on the way to work. But please remember driving is difficult enough without any distractions so the more things you try to do the more dangerous it becomes.

In this day and age of the internet and other outlets it is easier than ever to own a Bluetooth wireless hands free headset it does not matter which area of the country you live in urban or rural buying a Bluetooth is just a click away, many websites offer free shipping or discounts one site like this is my own we offer free shipping for orders over $49 and a discount for those who try to save a little more, ours is “UPS” which you enter in the checkout page of the site in the preferred customer code area, this will save you 10% off your entire order.

In closing I hope I have answered the question: What are the advantages of owning a bluetooth wireless headset? Remember technology is a great thing and can save you a lot of time if used wisely so take advantage of any product that can make your quality of life better; this is why I do recommend a Bluetooth wireless headset.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cell Phones of the Future

You think your Razr's cool? When it comes to mobile phone design, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Clamshells and candy bars be gone. Tomorrow's cell phones may bear little resemblance to the snap-open handsets or even the sleek, flat rectangular phones we sport today.

Visionaries from design firm Pilotfish and sensor maker Synaptics have created a phone that has no buttons. It's operated with gestures. Designer Manon Maneenawa has built a phone that can be converted into an alarm clock or a wrist watch. Sweden's GoldVish just began selling a phone for $1.26 million that features diamonds and a secret compartment.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

iPod Touch 2nd Gen AND The Telescope for iPhone

iPod Touch 2nd Gen
Apple has also released the 2nd gen iPod Touch. Yes similar to iPhone 3G. Slimmer, lighter and has a back chrome aluminum case. Wow, that looks nicer than the iPhone 3G back case.
ImprovementBuilt-in speaker ~ lets you hear the music, dialogue, and action without headphones, perfect for casual listening.
Volume controlVolume buttons are built into the left side of iPod touch, giving you easy access to the most frequently used controls.
Longer battery lifeProvides up to 36 hours of audio playback or 6 hours of video playback

Rock ’n’ run with Nike+.iPod touch now includes built-in Nike + iPod support. Just slip the Nike + iPod Sensor (available separately) into your Nike+ shoe and start your run. The sensor communicates wirelessly with your iPod touch, tracking your time, distance, and calories burned. It even gives you voice feedback on your progress.
The new iPod Touch is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB and priced at $229, $299 and $399 respectively.
Video and pictures after the break.

The Telescope for iPhone

Want to have a closer view? The telescope for iPhone is attached to the included unique protective casing. You can now have a closer look on the girl live opposite you and maybe take a few shots of her. The telescope is available for $20.60. Continue reading for more pictures.

Nokia Surge

Nokia Surge - available smartphone Nokia Surge is equipped with advanced horizontal QWERTY-keyboard, Bluetooth, FM-tuner, mp3-player, 2-MP camera and a slot for memory cards microSD. Smartphone has a predefined JuiceCaster application and HTML-browser with Adobe Flash for easy work with social networks and videohostingami (, YouTube, etc.). Mobile phone Nokia Surge would work in chetyrehdiapazonnyh networks and GSM networks dvuhdiapazonnyh HSDPA (3,6 Mbit / s). Price smartphone Nokia Surge is $ 79.99, subject to conclusion of a two-year contract with AT & T.

CASID G555 - - Wrist Watch

Check out the CASID G555+, it is a watchphone that comes with 1.2 inch display screen, 1.3-megapixel camera, integrated audio and video player, FM radio, Bluetooth, microSD slot and a compass. The watch is removable from the band. It also has the basic functions such as calculator, calendar, memo and alarm. The CASID G555+ is running on GSM 900 / 1800 MHz . More pictures after the break

Transparent Phone

Window Phone - concept phone On one hand, clear conceptual phones already, so this is not just the first, but on the other, the so-called Window Phone has one impressive feature - its transparent housing varies depending on the weather! Thus, in the sunny days, the screen will be completely transparent, on a rainy day it will appear «virtual» drop, but it is covered with frost frost. Ie translucent screen will look like as well as present a window into a variety of weather. I do not know how it will be practical, but at least, very original! :)