Friday, June 5, 2009

First BlackBerry with a 3G modem


Although this new BlackBerry, the 8707v, will only be available in the U.K. from Vodafone, it's a quad-band model that can be used in North America and Asia as well. So it's okay to go ahead and get one just for its high-speed 3G modem, since the 8707v is the first BlackBerry to have one. After you wirelessly connect it to your laptop via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you'll be able to access the Net faster than ever before as long as you're on a 3G network (like Sprint's Power Vision). The color screen has 320 x 240-pixel resolution, rapidly becoming the de facto standard for portables this size, and there's a programmable button on the left of the body. That beautiful bod

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