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Igor Kazakov: We have to admit that the mobile phones manufactured by the last 5-7 years, looks almost indistinguishable from each other. During such a pattern, I want to remember the most unusual mobile phones of the past.

Argued that until iPhone handy phones did not exist. And children who have grown up during the widespread use of touch screens, perhaps, not be aware that once were buttons that had to be pressed into the phone. Some even believe that the "iPhone" was the first phone with a touch screen. But this is not true.
The first mobile phone with touch screen appeared long before the emergence of iPhone, and became their IBM Simon, released in 1994. In addition, this particular gadget is the first smartphone in the world, despite the fact that the word "smartphone" appeared only three years after the release of Simon. Opportunities communicator struck: sending emails, faxes, applications for planning meetings, electronic notebook and even a world clock.
Later, there was no one model with a touch screen. A lot of smartphones based on Windows Mobile, unusual type model Philips 755, equipped as standard mobile phone keypad and a small, but still a touch screen. So what is the secret of success of iPhone?
A role in the unprecedented popularity of the iPhone has played a brand Apple. But still was a distinctive feature of the phone - it manages your fingers without a stylus, and do it very simply, in contrast to how this feature was implemented on the previously released models.
Thus, combining the best of technology and refined his time, Apple made a phone number on which to focus the remaining steel producers. And especially karmic was the installation - the screen more less buttons.
So what interesting handsets were before?
    1.Nokia 6800. Very unusual mobile phone with a full pull-out QWERTY-keyboard.When folding keyboard automatically changes the screen orientation from vertical to horizontal. The phone was released in 2002. Prior to this, Nokia has created a similar device 5510, but the market he was unclaimed. Phones in this series focused on communication, they were installed e-mail clients, some even supported messenger BlackBerry. Another feature of this model was a non-standard accommodation on / off button. It was located on the front side of the display, but not as usual at the top end.
    2. Nokia 7600. Phone 2003 release from the Finnish manufacturer has an unusual shape. The first was created for fashion lovers in the cellular market. Despite its original design, the phone was extremely inconvenient to use.
    3.Nokia 7280. Another fashionable novelty from Nokia came out in 2004. The keys in this model were absent, so control your phone through special wheel. It is worth noting that this is not the first mobile phone of similar shape. Previously, the company has released Haier P5 and P6, however, push button. One review says his sexuality device, whether a woman wrote a review, whether male homosexual.
    4.Nokia Communicator. At this point you can carry the entire line of smartphones Nokia, the first of which was the Nokia 9000 Communicator. It was then in 1996 came into use the word "communicator". The line "9000" continues its development in subsequent models, the main feature of which was the qwerty-keyboard hidden in the phone itself. To get it, it was necessary to be expanded in the manner of a clamshell phone, but not vertically and horizontally.
    5.Nokia N93. Phone camera. Long before the advent of Samsung GALAXY Camera, Nokia in 2006 released her phone, equipped with the best at the moment the camera - 3.2 megapixel camera, shooting video in 640x480 with a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The phone was big and heavy, had a rotating screen. Looked very strange.
    6.N-Gage. The world's first smartphone that combines functions of a mobile phone and game console. Released in 2003, the unit received great acclaim. But still call it a massive hard.
    7.Nokia 7070 Prism. Stylish women's cot. Functional phone, even at the time of release did not differ anything unusual. Pretty simple mobile phone for the beautiful half of humanity. Incidentally, the phone is not pleased only its appearance but also price, which was significantly lower than in the other image model.
    8.Nokia 6300. Telephone, became a classic because of a number of nice features.Firstly, it looks simple, but at the same time - a stylish and tasteful. Later, the design of the device found in the continuation of the Nokia 6700 Classic.
    9.Nokia 8800. Another fashion phone from Nokia. One of the distinguishing features of this mobile phone was an unusual slider mechanism is equipped with a door closer for quick and spectacular removed the protective cover from the keyboard. In addition, the housing unit is made of stainless steel and glass screen - additionally hardened to improve protective qualities. Given its value, the phone was very a status.
    10.Nokia 5300. As well as the younger version of 5200 and 5700. It is one of the first phones from the Finnish manufacturer who started out with a signature XpressMusic.5300, as well as the 5200 is a slider equipped with additional buttons to switch tracks.5700 different rotary keypad which the user desires transformed into the chamber as well as control of the player.

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