Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hands on: Motorola $2,000 Aura cellphone

Moto_Aura_main.jpgIf you've got some extra dough lying around or you have too much money, Motorola has the ultimate status phone for both of you: the silvery Aura, which sells for a cool $2,000.

Why $2k? Aura's hefty etched stainless steel casing sure makes it feel as expensive as it is, and I'm told it takes two weeks to carve those wavy lines in the case. Its LCD screen is protected by a 62-carat, Grade 1 scratch resistant convex crystal. The swivel screen, which swings opens either left-to-right or vice versa, but doesn't go all the way around, is operated by 131 ball bearings to ensure it opens as smoothly years from now as it does new.

The LCD itself is 300 DPI and it super bright and super crisp and super colorful. Aura sort of skimps on some of the other technical cellphone specs — it's only EDGE not 3G, and it's equipped with just a 2MP camera (the scene fills the round viewfinder but the picture is rectangular). But you're not exactly buying the Aura to enhance your geek status.

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