Thursday, October 8, 2009

LG GD900 Crystal

LG us to presented/displayed a great amount of terminals of touch screen, and within of that amount, also us to presented/displayed some new features of great affability. This he is one of those models that appear presenting/displaying a newness, an funny characteristic and of style. Besides being equipped with a wonderful touch screen, we have a curve-slide keyboard and with the innovation of being of transparency, it solely contains the drawing of the numbers and the characters that we used habitually.

It is the first moving body equipped with this technology. But we must clarify that it is not simply a control of tactile writing, if not that in addition, this keyboard works like touchpad with which we will be able to use the software of the moving body of the same form we do that it on its screen. Meaning that we will be able for example, to accede to the menus, to control the volume, to control the zoom lens in the pages Web, and much more.

LG GD900 Crystal

We must clarify that this keyboard of the LG Crystal, besides working like touchpad, also is multi-tactile. When using this DAP, we will be able to see answers with images in the screen of the type from which we received when we used this to sail. Of this form, we can know if we have given in the wished menu or not and towards where we went. Also we will be able to draw from this keyboard. To been more than clear that the innovation of LG GD900 is really useful, but we happen to the touch screen that also has its advantages and comforts.

This is a capacitive TFT of type and 3 inches with a resolution of 852 xs 480 pixels. Since we have seen in other terminals like the HTC Touch Pro and others of tactile gamma, this measurement this becoming a standard of the moving bodies that look for a good benefit in visualization multimedia. This screen is able to reproduce 16 million colors and has accelerometer to realise some functions practical like the one to rotate the image when placing horizontally the moving body.

LG GD900 Crystal Before happening to other characteristics, we must mention that the keyboard is not of plastic, the Korean company has clarified that is not a special crystal which takes the “printed keys”. This does not imply more space, in fact the thickness of the LG Crystal is really thin with respect to many tactile terminals and of keyboard slide. Its thickness is of only 13,4 mm. The rest of their measures also sufficiently is reduced like offering to the comfort that we hoped to us of a terminal, being these 105 xs 52,5 mm Within these measures includes a digital camera of 8 mega-pixels, something that is not to hope in a terminal with as much content.

This comes accompanied with flash LED and system from autoenfoque, and so we will obtain better results at the time of capturing images, or in photographies or videos. In the frontal part of LG GD900 we will also find, a secondary cell with which we will be able to realise video-calls. The Korean company to not left to after no benefit, and besides offering a camera to us of good quality, touchpad curve-slide, and touch screen, also allows us to make use of a good connectivity through the services of network HSDPA, Wi-Fi and of Bluetooth 2,1 with EDR.

And this could not yet lack a good memory in which to store all the wished information. But we did not speak of its internal memory, which hardly reaches 256 MB, if not that we will be able to extend this capacity through the groove for cards microSD of up to 32 GB.

List of credits:
  • Standard: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 HSDPA 900/2100 HSDPA 850/2100/HSDPA, 7,2 Mbps
  • Dimensions: 105 Xs 52,5 Xs 13,4 mm/127 grams
  • Memory: Memory commits 256 expandable Mb by cards microSD of up to 32 GB
  • Screen: Capacitive Tactile TFT 3 inches (852×480 pixels) 16 million colors Accelerometer
  • Camera: Sensor 8 MegapĂ­xeles Integrated flash LED
  • Recording of video Secondary cell for videollamadas
  • Multimedia: Reproduction of music, video and photos
  • Java support Controls and connections: Key of call/to off-hook/to accept Key to reject/to hang calls Lateral gain control Button trigger of the camera Groove for cards microSD
  • Document visualizer Without cables: HSDPA, Wifi 802,11 b/g and Bluetooth 2,1 with EDR
  • Autonomy: Reloadable battery of lithium ion, Capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Time of conversation: up to 4 hours In delay: up to 300 hours

LG GD900 Crystal

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