Sunday, December 14, 2014


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Dropped the phone in a puddle, sink or even worse, a toilet? This can happen with each. First of all, as soon as possible take the phone out of the water, probably for a couple of seconds, the phone and not have time to "get wet" if the cap fits tightly. But in any case, do not turn it until dry. At first, the phone must be prepared: 1. Remove the battery. After all, everyone knows from childhood that water is a conductor of electricity, which in our case is not good. By the way, often on the battery or close to it, there is a white piece of paper, which turns pink when wet, that is, it is possible to determine wet whether the phone through. 2. Remove the SIM-card, memory card and remove any peripherals.Now you can go directly to the drying: 1. Wipe the phone dry, absorbent cloth to remove as much moisture as possible at this stage. Important: Avoid excessive shaking the phone, as this may result in the displacement of fluid, which would complicate the work. It is not strange, but alcohol can help you, because alcohol displaces water, and he is volatile in the short term. 2. Use a vacuum cleaner, it will pull moisture, just look carefully to all the details of the phone are securely attached and not sucked into the vacuum cleaner. CAUTION: Under no circumstances should you use a hairdryer. Since it is likely only move moisture in secluded places phone, which greatly complicates the "draining" 3. Put the phone into the RIS for a day, yes, yes, in the RIS, the fact that he is a very good moisture absorption, and easily dry out your device Once you have dried the phone at least a day, and you can check it out. Insert the battery and turn on.

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