Sunday, December 14, 2014

The second life of old mobile telephones

They say there is no admission against breakage. I is for what? And besides that, whatever clever anti-theft devices are not invented, thieves also does not stand still - stolen, you bastards! Best of all, if a car while trying to steal it, he would call on your mobile phone. If you believe the TV series "Next", such devices have they even a picture from the DVR will be sent to your mobile phone. But, I suppose, and the cost comparable to the cost of a decent car.
But surely everyone somewhere in a pile of trash lying around an old mobile phone, or even two. But its something we teach and inform us of trying to hijack. One indispensable condition - a mobile phone should have the speed dialing. So there you go?
The second life of old mobile telephones

1. disassemble the phone. Cut a hole on the keyboard above the button with the number "2" and are soldered to the pads of the button, the two wires (to simulate pressing for the closure of the wires). Putting the phone. 

2. Connect the battery to the phone by using a pair of wires, observing polarity. Solder parallel output car charger. 

3. Buy a new SIM card and install it in your phone. 

4. Write your mobile phone number, activating his speed dial in the phone car. In phone settings, disable the car call and display. 

5. The charger is connected to the car battery with two wires, observing polarity. 

6. The wires from the button via an additional switch is connected to the trailer driver's door (additional switch is needed for operational disable protection). 

Alarm is ready! 
When you open the door immediately will call on your mobile phone, and you'll see that someone has climbed in the car . In addition, the signal from the car phone, you can locate it. 

These alarms can work not only for cars, but also to any other objects, such as cottages, garages, etc. It is only necessary to provide, from which power the device. 

Good luck to all!

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