Friday, May 1, 2009


The mobile phone is the fastest-selling communication device of all time. By 2005, there will be one billion mobile users around the world. The other expanding area of technology is the Internet.

IP- based services already account for over half the traffic in "backbone" telecom networks. In the future, most communications and information services will be developed in the IP environment. There is tremendous synergy between the IP world and mobile communications and they are also converging. Current mobile networks were originally designed for narrow band voice and data traffic. These networks will now evolve to wideband capabilities, allowing sufficient data rates for all mobile multimedia and mobile Internet-based services of the future.

Nokia and 3G

How can Nokia support our company as we shift to 3G?

Nokia offers complete solutions for operators entering 3G. We help our partners plan, integrate, and implement 3G networks as quickly as possible, so that they can start earning revenue. Our plans build on your current resources and take projected growth into consideration.

How can Nokia ensure its partners rapid time-to-market with 3G?

With all the necessary skills under one roof, Nokia gives its partners all the advantages of working with a single supplier. We offer four rollout packages, ranging in scope from traditional implementation to a full turnkey delivery. Our solutions are based on global standards.

Does Nokia also plan 3G end-user services?

Nokia can plan both 3G services and the systems needed to support them, helping both operators and service providers differentiate themselves in a competitive market

In order for the mobile multimedia services you offer to be profitable, they must be seamless. Our service and system integration pulls together Nokia products, third-party products and information from content providers to form solutions that are of the highest quality.

What is "the" 3G application?

Nokia does not believe that there is any single 3G application that will dominate the market. We see 3G as a unique environment, supported by open standards and IP technologies, that will breed success and revenue through flexibility and variety in its services. 3G is about personal services.

What 3G technologies is Nokia focusing on and why?

Nokia's 3G products are compatible with EDGE and WCDMA technologies. A variety of technologies means operators have a variety of ways of meeting their customers´ demands.

When will Nokia's 3G solution be available?

Nokia's 3G network solution will available for operators in 2001 - 2002. The first 3G terminals are anticipated at the same time. The first markets to introduce 3G services will be Japan in 2001 and Europe in 2002.

Ericsson and 3G

In the near future, mobility will become a fundamental aspect of many services.

We'll expect high-speed access to the Internet, entertainment, information and electronic commerce (e-commerce) services wherever we are. In simple terms, 3G combines high-speed mobile access with Internet Protocol (IP) based services. But this doesn't just mean fast mobile connection to the World Wide Web. Rather, whole new ways to communicate, access information, conduct business and learn - liberated from slow connections, cumbersome equipment and immovable points of access.

With 3G, "mobility" will be built into many services that we currently regard as "fixed".

The packet-based IP (Internet Protocol) means we can be on-line constantly: e-mail messages with file attachments downloaded to hand-held terminals instantaneously; a single click and we’ll be connected to our company network. And we’ll have this "anytime access" without paying a penny until we actually use network resources to send or receive.

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