Sunday, December 14, 2014


Phones are becoming thinner, more powerful processors all, displays more and more - and only the battery seems to stand still. As smartphone lived one day from charging to charge and lives. And it is in the best case. It is necessary to run resource-intensive program or climb an hour - another on the Internet, and right there appears a warning about the need to recharge the battery 
Consider a few simple techniques to significantly reduce energy consumption. 
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1. Disables the "Brightness". He adjusts the display for outdoor lighting. However, this feature is useful only if you move a lot and use the phone with very different lighting conditions. If most of the time you spend in one place, you should disable Auto-Brightness and set the brightness to the lowest comfortable level. The fact that the light sensor changes the brightness of the light, even when it is not needed. Here is a simple example: make a call, do not lock the phone and left it on the table, bent themselves to the computer screen. Phone, getting in your shadow, automatically subtract brightness, then just add it as soon as you lean back. And it could be repeated several times until the Enable automatic lock, and light sensor, as well as any other sensor on your phone consumes energy. 
2. Turning off the "Auto-rotate screen". This function you hardly need every time you use the phone, and it is responsible for the accelerometer - another sensor, which consumes large amounts of electricity. 
3. Change the automatic lock, or a time-out screen. He turns off the display and locks the device after a certain period of inactivity (the default is usually 1 min.). Remember, the smaller this value, the greater the savings of charge.
4. Net operating memory. Do not forget to always close the applications that do not use. Being in RAM, they are even a little bit, but spend your system resources, and synchronize data. The same applies to "live wallpaper". 
5. If you have a device with a display type Amoled, put the dark or even black wallpaper. In Amoled power consumption depends on the brightness of the image on the display. When displaying its dark color and significantly lower power consumption than the liquid crystal display with the same image, and displayed on the display if predominantly bright colors, the power consumption will be higher than the liquid crystal display. 
6. Change the mode reader on the phone to "night" (inversion). If you like to read on the road, a large consumption of energy you can not avoid. But you can save battery by changing the background color to black, and the font will automatically become white. Here, the same law as in the previous paragraph. 
7. Do not forget to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Most modern phones have automatic shut-off function, however, recall that it works only when the phone is locked. Also, if you use a little mail and online services, you can disable automatic synchronization and updates, turn off the mobile data network and disable 3G, which will prolong the life on a single charge for a couple of hours. 
8. Disable Vibrate and Vibrate. Sure, it's a very handy feature, but the vibration is achieved by switching the phone vibration motor, which is actively consumes energy. 
9. Remember three simple rules of your phone: do not overheat, do not supercool and not wet. Battery needs care, compliance with these rules sneaky its service life. 
10. Install the application that allows you to make a full cycle of recharging small current. For example, BatteryDoctor, who also carefully monitors the drain on the battery, which has a positive effect on the length of time on a single charge. 

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