Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Ultra Luxury Mobile Phones


1 Million Euro Cell Phone
Euroset, one of largest mobile handset retailers in Russia, plans to open a GoldVish boutique in Moscow next year. The GoldVish Le Million phone, the world’s most expensive cellphone, made the Guinness…

Dial Home With the Help of Diamonds and Gold
The mobile phone has become a status symbol for many, but since just about everyone has one these days, those looking to flaunt their affluence are upgrading to ultra luxury mobile phones and jewel-encrusted mobile devices. This cluster examines some of the most luxurious communication gadgets, from diamond headsets to jewel-encrusted ultra luxury mobile phones. Phoning home never looked so glam!


$20,000 Blackberry Case Given Away at CES
Rosa Capacola - Want to be even more addicted to your Crackberry? Case-Mate has introduced its diamond-studded BlackBerry case decorated with a coating of 3.5 carats of diamonds and 15 grams of gold. It is priced at…

 Luxury Mobile Phones

$176,400 iPhone

andreea vrabie - You thought Amosu's $41,225 iPhone was ridiculous? Peter Aloisson, an Austrian luxury designer, has recently created the most expensive iPhone in the world (til now, I say this is only the beginning).…

 Luxury Mobile Phones

2 in 1 Luxury Mobiles

Ayman Helweh - Not to be outdone by Prada, Giorgio Armani or Dolce & Gabbana who recently had their own branded phones, Christian Dior unveiled a line of fashion mobile phones targeting the brand-obsessed consumers with…

 Luxury Mobile Phones

$10,000 Blinged Mobiles

Rose Nazarali - Vera Wang took a plain old Blackberry flip phone and transformed it into a $10,000 masterpiece. The infamous designer used Swarovski crystals to adorn the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 in the perfect amount…

 Luxury Mobile Phones

$108,880 iPhone Shells

Shelby Lee Walsh - For those of you who would like to add a little flash to your iPhone 3G, German label GnG has created a luxury phone cover that is comprised of 18-carat gold and then filled with 200 diamonds. On top of…

 Luxury Mobile Phones

24 Carat iPhone Cases

Andrew Robichaud - Having the iPhone isn’t luxurious enough anymore. The accessories that go with it are what push it over the top, and the Sayn Design gold iPhone case is the cream of the crop. The Sayn Design gold iPhone…

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