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Buying a mobile phone, see the packaging box not only him, but also related "products" - cords, charger, instructions for use in several languages. And almost in any such instructions (with few exceptions) not a word about alternative ways of charging a mobile phone. It turns out, the device is "tightly" bound (via the charger) to the outlet «220V»? This question I got on the train Anapa Krasnoyarsk, when he returned with his wife after a vacation in the Crimea. Distant road, on the road several times had on the mobile phone to keep in touch with relatives. In the end, after two and a half days of charging indicator was down. By law, meanness at the very moment it took urgent call. What to do? Of course, the train has a socket. But the guide explained that it is useless to stick them with a phone charger - electric wires out of the compartment is not supplied because of a network failure. Ask a mobile phone from someone of the passengers?Unfortunately, because of the long journey, many are faced with the same problem and have tried every available outlet in the car - of course, to no avail. Fortunately, starting from the Crimea on the Kerch crossing of habit charge laptop battery. He helped us out in a critical situation. "Energized" with your laptop via USB-connector cell phone enough to the house. But why in the phone user's manual even a hint was not on that option? The implication was that the user himself will think? Of course, not everyone is on the road to take a laptop. Logically, nice to have a mobile phone with a fully charged spare battery. But everything rests on the fact that commercially available battery is quite expensive. Is there any way to charge the mobile phone without outlet «220V» or laptop? With the help searchers find resources on which recommendations for alternative ways to charge a mobile phone. Is probably the most simple - use the "finger" batteries. For example, from a digital camera, a wearable CD-player, radio.Typically, batteries in these devices AA 1.5 volts each. You need to remove them, connected in series, to seal in any way connected to the "minus" and "plus" two wires and supply power to the mobile phone battery is taken out. In a similar way also in the case when the voltage from the battery is not taken, and with a "finger" batteries. They are more powerful and mobile phone battery charging is faster. Another option charge - through so-called "cigarette lighter" car. True, we need to "adapter". But he usually has the majority of motorists. Well, what if the "extra" no batteries, and desperately need a cell phone? On this account are advised to remove the "stranded" battery from the phone, hold it in his hand and a fist to knock about anything. The effect, however, will be minimal - Shake battery "come alive" only for a minute or two. But this time may be sufficient in order to have time to type and send SMS-ku. Helps to "breathe" in the battery life on one or two minutes and a short heating it in any way. But this should be done cautiously and only in extreme cases, when no other option anymore. And now the most exotic way. On it I told a friend, who turned one away from home - on a fishing trip in the forest. To catch a fish is not spoiled, took with him two packs of salt. But spare battery for mobile phone forgot to take. On the lake as the weather turned bad (go heavy rains, the road limp), had to stay a few days longer. Houses were troubled, come SMS-ka with a request to have an effect.Alas,

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or call or send SMS-ku did not work - "villages" in the mobile phone battery to zero. Rescued savvy. In plastic bags scored land and put it in their salt solution, wires are connected in series, stuck in bags made ​​of copper and aluminum plates connected by wires to them is removed from the cell phone battery. Get easy Charger galvanic type. Talk it gave scanty, but the proper voltage. A few hours later a "charging" a friend was able to send sms-ku home of a pair of words. Those who know him know that the mobile phone can be charged by solar and battery, from the "bug" (mechanical hand generator), a small wind turbine, by bike " dynamo ", kinematic wristband. What other ways to come up with - time will tell. Author: Anatoly Shepherds
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