Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Proper charging your smartphone. Important Tips

Proper charging smartphone
More recently began to notice that my phone was quickly discharged. Should talk to someone with one or two of his friends, he immediately need to put the phone on charge, or on the following important conversation, the connection may be broken. And it so happens, especially in the important moments of conversation. Well, when the charger on hand and can be immediately put to charge the phone and continue the conversation. But, if that is not there, then later have to explain the reason for termination of conversation. In connection with this, I think to buy a new smartphone, and also found an interesting article, how to charge the smartphone. May be useful to you.
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Almost all modern mobile devices are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Their use is associated with some interesting moments, which are known not to all users.

However, knowledge of simple rules can significantly affect the duration of the devices and the battery life. Charge the battery regularly is desirable, avoiding it is fully discharged. The optimum charge quantity in which it is necessary to begin to "feed" - fifty percent. Anyway, drop to below ten per cent is highly undesirable. Some experts also recommend every three months to fully discharge the battery, then charge up to one hundred per cent and hold "on the wire" still eight to ten hours. This so-called "calibration" to determine the correct charge level. general, to charge the battery beyond measure is not necessary. Also, it is not necessary to wait for its full charge - this does not affect its performance. If the mobile is not used for a long time, then make sure that the battery has sufficient charge, not less than eighty percent. High and low temperature also have an impact on amount of energy in the battery of your smartphone. A charge mobile phone in the sun or under other extreme temperatures and at all forbidden. And one more, important detail. Try to use the original charger.Counterfeits are not safe for you and your machine.

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